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Video: Indians in Dubai Celebrate Republic Day

Indians in Dubai were in a festive mood as we commemorate India Republic Day.

We just celebrated its Republic Day last January 26, and here’s a video showing how Indians celebrate Republic Day in Dubai. This video is posted by Gulf News on their Facebook page and shows NRI expats commemorating the event. The Republic Day gives tribute to the date wherein the Constitution of India was implemented. On 26th January 1950, India became an independent republic.

Celebrations of this momentous event include parades, speeches and cultural dances. In schools, sweets are distributed to students. Here in Dubai, GulfNews shared a compilation of celebrations of how expat Indians observe this tradition.

Note: Indians in the United Arab Emirates comprises the largest part of the population of the country with a rough estimate of 2.8 Million expats, about 27% of the total UAE population.

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