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Honest Indian Finds 100,000 AED and Surrenders to Sharjah Police

Indian man returns 100,000 AED to Sharjah Police.

An honest Indian returned over 100,000 AED to Sharjah Police which he found unattended. In a post from the official Instagram account of Sharjah Police, Brigadier General Dr. Khalifa Kalendar, Director of the Sharjah Police Department, applauded the actions of Mr. Surra Doyle for surrendering the money to authorities.

Below is the post from the official IG account of Sharjah Police (@shjpolice):


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Indian Returns Money worth 100,000 AED He Found on the Street to Authorities

In the same post, the man has been identified as Mr. Surra Doyle. The Brigadier General has highlighted the importance of those who are collaborating with authorities in these moral gestures to contribute to the community. This serves as an inspiration for others to set a high moral value for themselves in order to sustain a reliable and honest environment.

Great job to Mr. Surra for returning the money that was not his. Given the costs of living nowadays, it’s rare to have good stories of honesty but this is an example that it can be done and hopefully it will also create a positive impression for others to do the same if they are placed in the same situation.

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