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This Dubai Restaurant is Giving out Free Meals to the Jobless

The Kebab Shop in Dubai Silicon Oasis is offering free meals to those who are unemployed.

A restaurant in Dubai Silicon Oasis is offering free meals to those who are unemployed. The Kebab Shop is making this initiative as part of their initiative to help those who are still searching for jobs in Dubai to uplift their spirits in their own way.

Outside their shop is a signage with this announcement, “If you are unemployed and looking for a job, drop by for a meal on us. Don’t think of it as charity, you can come back to pay us whenever you can.”


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Wow! Love this initiative by @thekebabshop 👏🏼 Spotted it at Silicon Oasis today.

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Kebab Shop Restaurant in Dubai Silicon Oasis – Act of Kindness – FREE Meals to Unemployed

The Kebab Shop’s owner, Kamal Rizvi, shared a story of one of his regular customers who at at the restaurant daily. However, one of them sopped dining as he lost his job. Kamal offered him to eat at his restaurant and then just pay him back when he gets a new job.

This scenario made Kamal thing about the many jobless people who are struggling to find jobs and don’t have the money to pay for a meal. This is his way of helping them, no questions asked.

To make this exchange comfortable for everyone, Kamal mentions for those who want to get the free meal to NOT think of this as ‘charity’. Instead, they can come back once they find a job and pay him.

The restaurant does not keep a record of the free food that they offer so those who have taken advantage of it can pay according to much they can pay.

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Video: Khalid Al Ameri Features Kebab Shop Offering Free Meals to Jobless

Below is a video posted by Emirati vlogger, Khalid Al Ameri, about this restaurant offering free meals. It’s worth checking out:

This is definitely a nice story to inspire a lot of restaurants and people especially those who are struggling in Dubai. We hope we keep spreading kindness and giving to everyone!

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