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Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai

Indian cuisines and restaurants around Dubai, UAE

When we talk about the Indian settlement in Dubai, how can we miss the distinct flavour of delicious foods it brings along? The flavours of India blend very well with the culture of Dubai, and now some local people love to devour the Indian food heartily. Be it biryani of Hyderabad or lachcha paranthas of Punjab, the mouth-watering dishes of India always allured the locals in Dubai.

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Starting from the fantastic starters to the delicious main course and ending with yummy desserts, it is so full of colours, fragrances and variety of spices and herbs that anyone can fall in love with the Indian food. With the sizeable Indian settlement in Dubai, it is common to find Indian restaurants in the markets and the malls. But here we bring you the best restaurants that serve the real taste of India in our majestic land of Dubai.

Top Indian Restaurants in Dubai


This restaurant is full of a variety of cuisines that you would love to try. When Sanjeev Kapoor is associated with this restaurant, what else can we look forward to other than the authentic taste of India? If you ever feel the need to spend time in an abode that is enriched with experience of Indian culture, you are welcome in Options. The restaurant is also famous for its classy interiors that give you an insight into the Indian tradition. As it is located inside the World Trade Centre, it provides the feel of supremacy. With the DJ who plays soft music blending with the surroundings, you feel at ease as soon as you enter the restaurant. The best dish to try at the restaurant is Murg Makhani which serves the chicken chunks in gravy flavoured with spices and herbs. Looking for an authentic Indian food experience? Visit Options.


If you desire a good meal of North Indian food, then this place is a must visit for you. The Nawab style biryanis which are a specialisation of Gazebo can get you all hooked up on them. Each weekend there is a new style of biryani to try out. There are several mouth-watering distinct flavours of biryanis. Talking about the tastes, you will savour the flavour of the rice cooked in different styles. The must-try dishes are Yakhni Pulao and the Dum Biryani. The exotic starters like tandoori chicken tikka make the experience of having food exquisite. You will realise the portions of food will match the quality of food, and it is easy on your pocket too. Last but not least, don’t forget to try the desserts like gulab jamun and falooda to satisfy your sweet tooth. It might get a little crowded on the weekends, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you are a big foodie. 

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If you want to experience Indian cuisine as the royal traditional Indian style treat, then India Palace Restaurant is the place for you to be. The ambience of the restaurant gives the vibes of ancient raja and maharaja type of lifestyle. The artefacts in the house and the paintings that are put on walls gives the feel of an olden Indian era. The popularity of the restaurant can be easily observed by the number of its branches around the city. The musicians play traditional Indian instruments, and the food rejuvenates the body and the mind simultaneously. Definitely, a must visit the restaurant for delicious desserts and famous tikkas. The welcoming waiters and staff will win over your heart. Ultimately it is a rich experience for those who visit the Indian Palace Restaurant.


Latitude is a posh restaurant based in the complex of famous Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It is renowned for its variety of mouth-watering cuisines. Every Monday evening, you can go to the Indian themed Nights where you experience an exquisite range of cultural distinctions. The Indian food lovers would love the menu which is full of tons of choices of food. The world famous food is prepared by the world-class cooks famous for their Indian cooking. The sitting area is so comfortable that you would feel that a Monday evening is well spent. The best part is that you can book the place for parties and celebrations. A little more on the expense side, it is undoubtedly worth the money you pay.


Doesn’t Patiala remind us all of the beautiful and vibrant Patiala in Punjab, India? Patiala in Souq Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai is one of such Indian restaurants that would provide you with vibrant Indian food with a hint of spices. This luxury restaurant serves the variety of North Indian food in the classy interiors that will melt your heart. Whenever you feel like relinquishing the taste of North Indian food, then you should visit Patiala. This could be a little hard on your pocket but if the food is fantastic, why care to spend a few extra bucks?

Whether you’re an Indian national, a local, a tourist the restaurants mentioned above would surely suffice your needs if you’re craving for Indian and exotic food.


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