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How to Save Water Consumption in Dubai

Ways on how you can effectively save water in Dubai.

We all know that water is one of the primary sources of all life on Earth, and without clean and safe drinking water could cause massive destruction worldwide. A statistic released by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority states that residents around the United Arab Emirates consumes 500-litres of water each day, this is significantly higher compared to other countries that have an average water consumption of 300 litres per day.

We all know that earth is 70% covered by water; however, there is a massive chunk of the population worldwide that has still no access to clean drinking water. Water is essential and can’t be produced by innovative machines and technology of today. That’s why we provided you with a list of useful tips to minimise your water consumption in the UAE.

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How to Save Water Consumption in Dubai

If you’re currently living in the UAE or other countries, it’s crucial for you to consider these tips to minimise your water consumption:

save water in Dubai
Saving water in Dubai
  • Turn off your faucets if not using

Leaving your faucets running while brushing your teeth or washing your face can cause you to waste litres or even gallons of water each day. It is important for you to consider turning off your faucet since it only takes one second to do so, and it can save you money and water usage both at the same time.

  • Check for water leaks more frequently.

Checking your pipes regularly can help you avoid wasting 3,000 gallons of water per year. Severe leaks can lead to problems in the future such as an expensive water bill or floods in certain areas around your house.

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Check your pipes if there are any leaks.
  • Install “Low Flow” shower heads

Low flow shower heads would help you avoid using too much water between 50% to 70%. You should also consider having a time limit when you’re showering.

  • Buy water saving machines.

There are tons of water saving technologies today, and machines like dual-flush toilets that can minimise your consumption of water.

  • Use efficient laundry machines.

New models of washing machines can help you reduce water consumption by 30% and energy consumption by 40%. These reductions can help you save energy, money and water all at the same time!

doing laundry in Dubai
Buy water saving washing machines.
  • Run a full load when doing your laundry

It’s important for you to consider doing your laundry at full load to help you minimise your electric and water usage, doing so can significantly help you decrease utility bills each month.

  • Water your plants during mornings or late afternoons

UAE is famous for its hot weather, and having plants might cause you problems if you don’t have the right knowledge. In the UAE, the best time to water your plants is during early mornings or late afternoons. During these periods, the weather in the UAE is cooler, and it would allow the water to flow to the roots of your plants more easily without evaporating.

Having these useful tips in mind would surely help you minimise your water consumption, and also save you extra money on the process.


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