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Video: Don’t Mess with the Dubai Police

Video reenactment of how the Dubai Police force was able to apprehend thieves within minutes.

When you come to Dubai, security is very strict that it’s almost safe. Almost because it’s not perfect, yet the people respect how safe they are as the crime rate in Dubai is very minimal. Here’s a video of the Dubai Police force and how they’ve apprehended thieves who snatched a bag of money inside a parked car in Abu Dhabi.

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The police force in Dubai has high-tech equipment and surveillance that they police were able to catch these robbers right away.

Video: Dubai Police Catches Robbers in Minutes

Check out the video and see what we’re talking about. By the way, this video is a reenactment 🙂

All in all, residents of Dubai are very satisfied with the safety standards in the emirate. If you live here, you might notice people leaving their cellphones in food courts in malls (while they order lunch at the counter, wearing expensive jewelry on the streets, parking expensive cars by the roadside.

This goes to show how confident people are and how Dubai residents trust the security system that’s been put in place. Again, it’s still important that you keep your valuables with you, but given it’s nice to know that you can walk on the street even at late night without fear.

If ever you’re thinking of committing a crime here, think again!

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