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14 Misconceptions about Dubai

Common things that people mistake of about Dubai, UAE.

Many people worldwide have heard of the place Dubai, but some don’t really know what’s in it. Dubai offers unique attractions, traditions and culture. The city of Dubai has also become as one of the most popular destinations of different people from parts of the world for a vacation or to find job opportunities.

If you’re planning to work, visit or live in Dubai, you’ll need to be aware of the several myths and misconceptions about living and visiting Dubai. In this article, we would share you some of the myths and misconceptions in Dubai.


Dubai at night

#1 – The temperature in Dubai is always hot.

Lightning hits Burj Khalifa during a storm.

Summer in Dubai can really get hot, but during the month of December to March, Dubai’s weather would become cooler. During this months, rain showers can also occur.

#2 – Strict dress code

Streetwear in Dubai

In Dubai, you can wear everything you’d want. But, if you’re going to a mosque it is advisable to wear proper clothing.

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#3 – Everybody is Rich

Life of the rich in Dubai

We do know that Dubai is a well-known place due to it’s extravagant outlets and shop available here. But, people here don’t always shop for expensive clothes and dine in international cuisines.

#4 – All food is imported

Local food in Dubai

Locals still grow and produce crops, dairy and poultry products.

#5 – Dubai is all deserts

Deserts and skyscrapers in Dubai

Many people think that Dubai is all desert because its located in the Middle East. But Dubai also has a coastal area and this is how they 

#6 – You need to speak Arabic in Dubai


You really don’t have to speak Arabic while you’re in Dubai. English is also used in Dubai in a daily basis.

#7 – Alcohol is banned in Dubai

Liquor store in Dubai

There are licensed restaurants and shops that sells liquor to people who has an alcohol license.

#8 – Emiratis are not hospitable


Locals in the UAE are very friendly and respectful towards other people.

#9 – You can’t practice other religions in Dubai

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Dubai

We all know that Dubai is a Muslim country, but you can find several Catholic churches, temples, and other religious places for non-Muslims.

#10 – Dubai is not a safe place

Dubai Police

Crime rate in Dubai is very low and the police in Dubai are quick in responding to emergencies.

#11 – Pork is banned in Dubai

Pork shop in Dubai

Eating pork is forbidden to Muslims due to the Islamic Law, but for non-Muslims in Dubai, pork is legal and are sold in different shops.

#12 – Everyone has a sports car in Dubai

Sports car in Dubai

Dubai is well-known for it’s collection of sports car. But, not everybody owns a sports car here.

#13 – Everyone has a stash of Gold

Gold market in Dubai, Deira Gold Souk

Dubai is dubbed as the City of Gold, but not everyone owns a piece of gold.

#14 – Dubai is a Country

Is Dubai a country?

A lot of people thinks that Dubai is actually a country located in the Middle East. Dubai is just part of the 7 emirates in the UAE.

These are just some of the common myths and misconceptions about Dubai. If you want to know more about Dubai and other parts of the UAE, check out these helpful tips.

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