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Types of Ban in UAE

Labour Ban, Immigration Ban, 6-Months Ban, One Year Ban, Permanent Residency Ban

Knowing your workplace and labour law before working is crucial for your job growth. You, as a worker, must know the do’s and dont’s of your workplace especially if you are based in another country.

In the United Arab Emirates, there are some visa ban rules that you might encounter in the near future. So for now, it is better to know them earlier. Even on probationary period, if you are terminated by your employer, you still have an option to prevent unfortunate events to happen. With a Visa Ban, you can legally enter a country or even accept a new designation.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that information posted here is not to be used for legal basis. These are for information purpose to act only as a “TIP”, but if you have any questions/complaints against your employer, it is best to seek legal advice from professionals.

types of uae ban

List of UAE Ban: Labour Ban, Immigration Ban, Six-Month Ban, Permanent Ban

Listed below are some of the visa ban rules in UAE:

Labour Ban

You can only be executed given that you have committed the following situations:

  • An on action is taken by your current employer with regards to your employment most especially when committed on the expiry of the contract.
  • No application is applied by a new and different employer.
  • Even before the 1 year service completion, the unlimited labour contract was terminated.
  • Even before the expiry date, the limited labour contract was terminated.

Employment Ban or Work Permit Ban

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This is a ban that excludes you from working in UAE for a limited time period. It can be for 6 months, years, or might be permanent.

Six Month Ban

Compared to other types of ban, this ban does not have the power in entering UAE. You can either enter the country through tourist visa or just a visit visa.

This 6-months ban takes into account the employees who left the job without giving legal binding reasons for leaving. It leaves a mark on the labour card or work permit of the employee and the Labour Ministry of UAE is responsible for imposing this ban.

One Year Ban

This ban is enforced and it is due to resigning any job before the completion of the limited contract. This is the ban that exists when you have lost in your filed case against the labour ministry. To combat this ban, you can opt to begin with the work permit proceeding before the visa expiry.

But unlike the other types of ban, this ban can be lifted based on the following laws:

  1. High school diploma is a minimum qualification, minimal salary must be AED 5000
  2. For diploma holders, AED 7000 minimum salary
  3. For bachelor degree holders, AED 12,000 minimum salary

Permanent Residency Ban

Serious illegal labour offenses or absconding is banned through this Permanent Residency Ban. The federal department of the UAE takes note of the fingerprint and scanned samples of these banned workers.

Immigration Ban

If you have criminal records in the past, may it be debt, rape, sexual assaults, bounced cheque, drinking, theft, rash drinking, and other misconducts, the federal department bans you from becoming an employee in the UAE. This ban is also applicable to those who committed misconducts in government rules and regulations.

To avoid these bans, you can opt to have an assurance that your current employer has a proper hold on your employment contract. You have to be sure about every single detail of your contract. Your employer must have a proper action for the extension of the contract if he or she wants to. Your employer must be aware of the rules and regulation so as to keep a good employer-employee relationship. Everything must be processed smoothly in the Ministry Of Human Resources & Emiratisation. At the end of the day, an employee must exercise his or her rights in the workplace.

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