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What if my UAE Employer does not pay my Salary on time?

Delay in salary by employer warrants a fine of AED 50,000 when caught. Here are steps to take when your employer does not pay you on time.

Nothing beats the feeling of receiving your hard earned salary in your own hands as this is very important for a lot of workers in order to send money back home to our families eagerly waiting and depending on us. But what if there is a delay in our salary? For whatever reason our employer may have, what if they are unable to pay us on time? Here we share some insights on companies not paying their employees according to the agreed schedule.

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Money and salary is a sensitive topic that should also be addressed right away. After all, it is the very reason why a lot of people choose to work abroad right? To be able to give their families a good and comfortable life that they deserve.

Note: Be advised that the information posted here is to act as a guide only. We try our best to simplify the information posted in the labour law and other helpful resources. In case you have legal concerns or inquiries, it is best to seek professional advice. You can also contact the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MoHRE) for concerns regarding your work.

uae salary delay by employer

What to Do if Your Employer Does Not Give Your Salary on Time

You know that satisfying feeling that you get when your uphill struggle has finally paid off? It gives you the assurance that your family won’t have to be on empty stomach and that you will be able to provide for your family’s needs.

But it’s not always a sunny day for every expat. Aside from homesickness, they also stumble upon various challenges such as excessive working hours, domestic mistreatment, restriction from using their phones or keeping of passport, contract substitution and even overdue payment of wages. So here we try to share some insights into

Does delayed salary in UAE really happen?

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Unfortunately, yes. There are a lot of employees who have experienced (and maybe still experiencing) this kind of situation. No matter how well they perform at work, some employers refuse to give them their compensation on time for various reasons. What’s even more devastating for these workers, is the fact that some of them can’t complain because they can’t afford to lose their jobs – for the sake of their loved ones at home. So it’s a challenge to file a complaint, but this is the only way for any legal action to take place, after bringing this concern to your boss.

Salary Delay and Refusal to Pay Wages

It is considered a delayed salary if your employer has not yet given you your wage within ten (10) days from the due date. On the other hand, refusal to pay wages is when you still haven’t been paid within one month of the due date.

My salary is delayed! Should I wait patiently and continue working instead?

If you suddenly found yourself in this kind of situation, ask yourself first before making any kind of decision. “How well do I know my employer?”

Evaluate how your employer has treated you recently and consider the period of time he/she has given you your salary. Did your employer pay you on time? Was it ever delayed? If yes, what did he/she say the reason was?

If you trust your employer enough and it is the first time that it happened, then yes: it can be considerable. Just be sure that your employer has explained to you well enough why it happened and had assured you of a time when you can receive your earnings.

Help! My salary has been delayed for three months and I don’t know when I’ll get paid!

In this case, you can tell your employer that you can take legal action if he/she fails to give you your paycheck soon enough.

UAE has created a wage protection system provision for overseas employers, which is indicated in the labor law. You can file a complaint against your employer at the Ministry of Labour, stating the non-payment of salary and submit your legal documents as well. Moreover, you can also apply for the cancellation of your employment.

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What happens if the government of UAE has proven that my employer failed to give me my income?

You will be allowed to leave your present job and find another opportunity for you as indicated in Article 121 of the Federal Law No. 8 of 1980. Don’t worry because an employment ban will not be imposed on you in your favor.

Meanwhile, your employer will face fines or penalties for not fulfilling his obligation to you as your employer.

Considering the increasing number of expats working abroad, you shouldn’t let yourself be treated poorly. Just like any other workers, overseas workers have a right for an on-time and an appropriate amount of salary. Always remember that delayed wages is definitely a no-no.

What happens to the employer if found guilty of payment delay or refusal to pay?

In case your employer still has problems with non-payment of salary, they will be given the following sanctions and fines:

  • 16 day after due dateMoHRE will stop allowing the company to provide any additional work permits and their business license will be suspended.
  • 1 month after due date –  There will be a possible strike against other companies owned by the employer, and will also be banned from registering any new companies.
  • 60 days after the due date – administrative fines will be charged, from AED 5,000 per worker’s delayed salary, up to AED 50,000 in instances that involve multiple employees.

So you see there are consequences if the company does not pay you on time and if they refuse to pay your salary at all.

Please be advised though, that in order for you to get your salary, you need to file a complaint. Let’s avoid waiting for somebody to reprimand our employers who do not pay on time and make sure that we understand our rights. It’s also good to know the law so that people will not take advantage of us. It’s better to know our rights and responsibilities beforehand.

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