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Desert Safari Adventure in Dubai – What to Expect

There are many reasons you would want to visit a desert safari during your trip to Dubai. Apart from the skyscrapers and other interesting visiting places like big malls, beautiful beaches, most people who come to Dubai make it a point to visit the desert safari.

The desert safari includes several points of interests like to the ride in the jeep in the desert, a site of the camp where you can stay overnight, the camel rides and much more. Here, we present a few points why visit the desert safari.

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Reasons Why You Should Have a Desert Safari in Dubai

Visiting the desert is definitely a popular activity (if not the most popular tourist attraction) in Dubai. Comparing the city from desert sand to the megalopolis of a city that is today helps educate visitors of how things can be achieved if the nation has a goal (and of course money) in place. As even if a nation has money, a leader needs to drive the people towards a certain focus so that the community can thrive and develop itself further. From desert to the thriving community, this is what the rulers of the UAE has achieved in a short span of time. Anyway, let’s digress, here are the things that visitors can expect from this attraction:

Riding Camels
One thing that attracts the tourist to come on a desert safari is the ride of the camel. You can visit the camel farm and enjoy riding a camel at a fair price. This becomes a memorable moment as you take a camel ride in the desert’s middle. You can take pictures during the camel rides that make it a lot more fun.


Sand Dunes
When you ride in a jeep through the big and small dunes, you enjoy the view of the desert. With the uphill and downhill movement of the vehicle, you sit there and enjoy the drive.


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Fun Adventure Activities
Sandboarding is another fun activity you can enjoy when you are on a desert safari. The best exciting experience comes when the ride goes downhill, and you pass the dunes of sand sliding.

Visit local shops
There are many local shops and stalls you can visit and buy souvenirs from there for yourself and your friends back home. Many small stalls offer to make henna tattoos which are liked by many tourists especially the western tourists.

Campfire at Night, Belly Dancer and Tanoura Dancer
All the tourists sit around the campfire and enjoy themselves. The belly dance is the main attraction of this part of the desert safari. There is also the tanoura dance. Other activities and dances take place too.  The campfire night is one of the main attractions of the desert safari.

All of these and many other things come together to make an experience of the lifetime at Dubai’s desert safari. If you wish to visit the safari, you may consult the locals there, and they will guide to the best safari that is there.

The desert safari in Dubai is an excellent point to visit as an educational tour and visiting the safari also helps the safari people to maintain the unique and ancient heritage of the UAE along with several wild animals and natural resources.

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