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Dubai Butterfly Garden

Thousands of butterflies from around the world can be found at the Butterfly Garden in Dubai.

Hidden in Dubai is a home for around 15,000 butterflies from all over the world. This Dubai Butterfly Garden is the very first butterfly garden in the Middle East. It is located at Al Barsha South 3 which is near to the Dubai Miracle Garden. At first glance of the entrance, it is highly probable that you see a giant and brightly colored yellow butterfly. This is not just the only attraction as everywhere else in the place is surrounded by various species of butterflies.

dubai butterfly garden

The Making

It took six months for developers to build the said butterfly garden. Inside the site is a nine-dome building that is designed by Dr. Ayman Ahmad. He said that one of his goals in life is to create a place that attracts and flutters people. And right now, Dubai Butterfly Garden has become one of the most popular gardens in the entire world.

Sadly, the place is not open all throughout the year. Developers want to surprise the tourists in the summer and make them wait for it before going there. To make the experience magical, specifically. Dubai Butterfly Garden is basically a garden full of plants and flowers but is found indoors.


The place has various facilities to offer and here are they:

  • Souvenir shop
  • Aromatic Garden
  • International Garden
  • Edible Plants Garden
  • Children’s Playground
  • Flower Watch
  • Flower Valleys
  • Mosque
  • Free Rides like carts, trains, and tricyclesdubai butterfly garden logo

Gallery of Artwork

Inside the place is a gallery of artwork. It is inspired by the ones found inside-the butterflies. The artwork is a collage of hundreds of butterflies that is compiled and overlapped by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He is the Crown Prince of Dubai and the collage he made is vibrantly beautiful. It brought various colors into life. However, the said collage is not for purchasing as it is only for display. Unfortunately, no gift shop is established in the place yet.

What’s Inside?

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The place is surrounded by beaded curtains. This gives the place the cool and refreshing environment. At the ceiling, you can see that there are hanging ivy that is arranged in spiral floral arrangements. This adds to the aesthetics of the place, making it feel more natural. Overhanging foliage is also found inside.

The Butterflies

Your gaze will definitely catch a butterfly or two, no matter where you watch. You can see butterflies resting on the leaves, eating fresh fruits, or probably sucking nectar from a flower. Flying butterflies look like dancing birds in the ceiling.

The garden is set to expand and have some more natural wonders. There are also plans on having waterparks inside. And many are waiting for it to open this summer. There are constant changes in the gardens so that each time a tourist visits inside, he or she will get to have a whole new experience.

Video: Dubai Butterfly Garden

Below is a video clip of what you can see in the Dubai Butterfly garden.

Working Hours
Dubai Butterfly Garden is open on:
Weekdays – 9 AM to 9 PM
Weekends (Friday to Saturday) – 9 AM to 11 PM

Admission Fee
The ticket fee for the place costs:
Regular Admission – 50 AED
Disabled and 3 years old and below – FREE

Photos: Dubai Butterfly Garden
Below are some images on what you can expect taken by recent visitors to the park.

Location Map
Below is a Google Map Guide how you can get to the Dubai Butterfly Garden:

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