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Why a UAE Visa Could Get Rejected

A visa is one of the most important things you should get whether travelling or working in another country. Applying for a certain visa in the UAE could be easy when you brought the necessary documents with you; however, a visa could get rejected in some cases.

Annually, the United Arab Emirates gets millions of applications for a visa, whether working visa or a visit visa. Most applications get approved, and rarely some applications could get denied for certain factors. In this article, we would list reasons on why your application for a UAE visa can get denied.

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Why a UAE Visa Could Get Rejected


1. You applied a visa for employment but failed to visit the United Arab Emirates.

To enter the UAE, you should frequently communicate with your company or sponsor to have your past employment visa cleared or cancelled by Immigration officers.

2. Handwritten passport

There are a few countries that release and accepts handwritten passports for its residents and tourists. However, the United Arab Emirates won’t allow or tolerate any handwritten passports.

3. Accused of Human Trafficking

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If you are a female, aged below 22, and you’re a solo traveller, the chances are that you’ll be accused of human trafficking. To avoid such conflicts, you should have an adult or a relative travelling with you.

4. You applied for a tourist or visit visa, but failed to visit the United Arab Emirates.

Same with number 1, you should ask your sponsor or travel agency to get your tourist visa cancelled or cleared by an Immigration officer.

5. You’ve failed to cancel your residence visa before leaving the UAE.

Before leaving the United Arab Emirates, you should head to the Public Relations Officer of your company to have your residence visa cancelled.

6. You have an existing criminal record.

To enter the United Arab Emirates, you should have an original copy of your Good Conduct Certificate with you.

7. Visa application contains mistakes or errors.

Immigration officers would automatically reject any errors in your visa application.

8. A passport photo isn’t clear.

If your passport photo isn’t clear, you might be rejected for entering in the UAE.

Immigration authorities on the UAE won’t exactly tell you the reason why your visa application could get rejected or denied, and with the reasons mentioned above are the most common reasons why a visa could get rejected. Before applying for a visa in the UAE, you should always consider doing research and preparing all the necessary documents.

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