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How to Transfer Car Ownership in Dubai

Step-by-step guide on how to successfully transfer vehicle ownership in Dubai, UAE

No one likes dealing with paperwork, but in some cases, people have to cope with it since its part of the law. In Dubai, the government requires every second-hand car buyers to register newly-purchased automobiles under their names to ensure that all legal liabilities related to the vehicle are transferred to them.

Failure to do such a thing can result in a fine of approximately 3000 AED or suspension of the driver’s license when caught by the Dubai Police. It is, however, essential to note that there are pre-requisite conditions that the buyer and seller should meet before the ownership can be legally transferred.

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How to Transfer Your Vehicle’s Ownership to Others in the UAE


Among those conditions require the buyer to be a resident of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the seller to clear all unsettled penalties. Transferring vehicle ownership and registration can be quick and painless if you know what to do and what you need. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure a smooth-sailing car ownership transfer in Dubai, UAE.

1. Prepare Documents

Preparing the proper documentation for a car ownership transfer is like winning half of the battle. As a buyer, it is a must to bring an original and valid copy of your Emirates ID, UAE driver’s license as well as your proof of residency for the car ownership transfer. Buyers are also required to register the insurance policy of the vehicle to an authorized RTA center in the location.

Simultaneously, sellers will have to pay their outstanding penalties online or at Police branches. Additionally, the UAE government also requires sellers to ensure that their vehicles pass the mandated test conducted by RTA. Sellers should also bring their ID and car registration card. If the car happens to be registered under a different name, the seller must secure a valid Power of Attorney which enables them to relinquish ownership.

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2. Get RTA License

After the documents are settled, both buyer and seller should head on over to an RTA Licensing Center or the Dubai Traffic Police Headquarters for licensing. The buyer must submit all required documents and accomplish a Vehicle Application Form as well as pay the transfer fee. An authorized clerk will then issue the buyer a new registration card after five to 10 minutes.

Subsequently, the buyer must provide a copy of the new registration card to the car’s insurance company. The seller, meanwhile, is also required to keep a copy of the original registration card as proof that the vehicle has been sold and the ownership was conveyed.

3. Payment

Buyers must only pay for the vehicle the moment they are in front of an authorized agent and have secured ownership for the car. Sellers, on the other hand, should only accept payments in the form of a manager’s check or cash to ensure the authenticity of the payment method.

Ownership transfer in Dubai, UAE is and smooth process provided that the buyer and the seller stick and follow these guidelines.


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