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6 Social Media Rules in the UAE

How to behave online in UAE. Guidelines on social media.

Social Media has been a part of everyone’s life in this generation. We use different platforms of social media everyday to share our activities in our friends and families. We also often use social media to cope up and read some of the news and happenings in our place. But most importantly we use social media to communicate with our loved ones and friends who are miles away from us.

But there are certain laws and limitations that we need to follow when we are using social media. Illegal activities online can face severe consequences. In the UAE there is thing called “social-media laws” that are needed to be followed by everyone. In 2015, an Indian national was fined 250,000 AED and was deported back to India due to posting hate posts against his past employer on FaceBook. In this article we would share you some tips on how to use the social media in the UAE.

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6 Social Media Rules in UAE

Social media platforms

If you are living and working in the UAE, you should know and be aware that the use of social media has certain laws and regulations. Below here are some of the things you’ll need to follow when using the soial media:

1. Respect the privacy of other people

Respecting the privacy of other people is very important. Posting or sharing private information about another person is illegal and disrespectful in the UAE. Leaking of confidential details about a certain company is also considered in the UAE a major offence. If caught doing so, you can face jail time and receive a hefty fine from AED 250,000 to AED 1,500,000.

Respect other peoples privacy

2. Don’t share pictures of other persons without their permission

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Taking pictures of strangers in a public place is tempting. In other countries this actions aren’t really an issue. But, in the UAE this is considered as a serious offence. If you are caught posting photos of other people without their consent you can face at least 6 months in prison and will be fined AED 150,000 or more.

Don’t post pictures of other people without their consent

3. Illegal Online Websites/Channels

Voice Over Internet Protocol applications like Skype in the UAE has been blocked by the government.If you are using audio/video broadcasting channels without the legal rights then you can face at least 1 year in prison and a fine of AED 250,000 or more. But there is an alternative solution for this, a telecom company called Etisalat provides legal calling services.

VoIP Applications

4. Don’t post anything that is offensive to Islamic values and morals

Nudity, pornography, and offensive languages are some of the offences that are against the Islamic morals and values. If you are caught posting contents that is against the Islamic morals and values, then you will receive jail time and a hefty fine from AED 250,000 to AED 500,000.

5. Don’t post rumors or gossips

In other countries gossiping is a normal thing, but not in the UAE. Ranting or sharing posts that are hateful could lead you to a serious jail time of 6 months and receive a fine of AED 250,000.

Don’t spread fake news and false accusations online

6. Online Prostitution

Prostitution and nudity are against the Islamic morals and values. Offering sexual services online is considered a serious cyber-offence and once you’re caught doing so you’ll receive temporary jail time and a hefty fine ranging from AED 250,000 to AED 1,000,000

Don’t engage in sexual activities online

These are some of the social media laws you should follow while your staying and working around UAE. Be sure to follow all the rules and you’ll be free from any trouble with the local government. Share this articles to your friend so they would be aware of all the social media laws they should follow when they visit the UAE.

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