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What You Need to Consider before Accepting a Job Offer in UAE

Are you hoping to land a job in the UAE? Or you’re trying to find a new passion and job for you? Starting a career in the UAE is very simple but very critical and that’s accepting a Job Offer.

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There are important things you’ll need to consider before you accept a job offer. Salary, your rights and responsibilities, labour contract are some of the important things you’ll need to check before signing your job offer and shaking hands with an employer. In this article we will share a checklist of stuff you’ll need to know as an employee.

Construction Site in Dubai

Important Tips for Job-Seekers in the UAE

A job is a very important part of ones life and job offers in the UAE seems promising with benefits and a hefty salary. But, don’t get excited and sign that job offer right away. There are a few things we’ll recommend before signing that job offer.

1. Ask the salary and benefits

Of course knowing the salary and benefits of your work is very important. Do not be afraid and shy to ask your salary and the benefits you’ll receive while working there.

Salary and benefits

2. Know your employer

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Make some research about your new employer before signing that contract. Explore and know the workplace you’ll be working on and ask current employees if they’re satisfied with their work, salary and benefits. Also take note if there are accidents or issues like paying late salaries in your new employer.

Know your employer

3. Take time to read your labour contract

When you receive a job offer in the UAE from an employer, take your time to read the contract carefully. Asking questions and clarifying some things your confused on can help you avoid problems in the future.

Signing a labour contract

4. Have copies of your documents

Copies of all your documents would serve as proof of your job agreement. Labour contracts and job letters are some of the documents you need to secure a copy. This copies might come in handy in the future.

Important Documents

5. Know your rights as a worker

As a worker in the UAE, there are things you need to know and be aware about the UAE’s labour law. Official leaves and working hours are some of the things you need to know as it is prescribed by the UAE Labour Law.

Rights as a worker

6. Job Transfer

If you are currently employed and wants to transfer to a new job, but you cannot just transfer a job in one day in the UAE. There are several documents you’ll need to sign like your working visa and current labour contract. Doing this things can avoid you getting negative records with your past employer.

Job Transfers

We hope that you learned some tips about things you’ll need to consider before signing a job offer in the UAE. By taking notes of this tips, we ensure that your work in the UAE will be free from troubles and conflicts.

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