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10 Things to Know when Getting a Job in UAE

Know your rights when you get hired to work in the UAE.

When you start working in the UAE, you should know what your rights are to set proper expectations. The Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MoHRE) is the government entity that handles issues concerning Labour. Important details like knowing the law will protect your rights as a worker. Here we list 10 basic things to know when getting a job in the UAE.

Also, understanding your rights will also help in avoiding employers who might take advantage of you. Some of these rights include the you being entitled to keep your passport, or that your employer should pay for your residence permit.

Know Your Rights When Arriving in the UAE for Work

Based on the website of the MoHRE, the agency that handles all foreign workers around UAE,  here’s  a list of points every foreign worker must have knowledge of once they come and work in the country.

1. The employer must pay both recruitment and travel costs.

UAE law states that your employer should pay all the fees for your flight travel. Your employer should pay the fees that would be charged if you’re going to work in UAE. This includes processing fees and flight tickets. So do not fall prey to job scams that ask you a so-called ‘processing fee’ for you to get a job.

2. Keep a photocopy of your official job offer (signed)

Make sure you have a copy of your official job offer that is signed by the employer or company and other important documents. These might come handy in future problems.

3. The Labour contract must match the job offer.

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Before you even work in the UAE, your employer should explain the conditions of the contract. You will need to understand every important details like your responsibilities and other benefits. Most importantly, you need to check that the original job offer matches the contract.

4. The employer must pay the residency permit.

Once you arrive in the United Arab Emirates, the employer should pay the costs of having a work permit – Residence permit and medical examinations are included.

5. Keep the receipts of all payments you made.

All receipts that you paid for must be kept, you might need these receipts for proof of all your expenses in the UAE.

6. You are entitled to keep your personal documents (passport, etc.)

Personal documents are needed by your employer when applying for a residency permit. When you receive your permit, your documents should be brought back to you by your employer for personal keeping. 

7. Have a problem at work? Report it to the Labour Office.

When arriving to the UAE, in your first week of staying you should receive a contract for your job. If there is no available job for you, you must report it immediately at the Labour Office. The same thing goes for not receiving your salary and a different contract from the original offer should all be reported to the Labour Office.

8. Keep a photocopy of the signed contract.

When you signed your labour contract, make sure to have a copy for safekeeping.

9. You can quit your job and be sure to follow legal steps to do so

If you decide to quit your job for some reasons, you can do so. But, upon leaving your job be sure you follow legal steps to do so. If you don’t know how to cancel a contract, you can contact the Labour Office for help.

10. You can contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), for help and assistance.

In case you need help you may call this agency for labour-related problems. These includes conflicts with job contracts.

You can contact this agency through the following options:

  • Contact Number: 800-66473
  • Email Address:
  • You can also visit their website by clicking this link

We hope the information above will guide you in understanding the requirements, rights and expectations when you get a job in the UAE. It is wise to gain knowledge of these points for you to be more prepared of what to expect from your employer.

Below is a video summary of these 10 points:

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