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Best Malls in Dubai, UAE

A list of malls to visit in Dubai, UAE

The city of Dubai takes the shopping mall experience very seriously. A hub of the world’s largest retail market in the whole not only the world’s renowned brands but the retailers from the Middle East also comes here to appreciate the greatness and beauty of Dubai shopping malls. Here you will discover it one of the numerous colossal shopping centres; known worldwide for its bunch of shopping celebrations and astounding arrangement.

As you will always be told be the visitor or person living in UAE the shopping experience cannot be missed as it is involvement in itself. In this article, we will take a speedy voyage through the best shopping centres in the city and the detailed review which makes every one of them extraordinary.

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List of Shopping Malls in Dubai, UAE

So what are the places where you should shop? Check out these shopping malls in Dubai:


The second biggest shopping centre on the planet, The Dubai Mall is one among many of the most significant achievements of Emaar that comes on the top spots as one of the best shopping centres in Dubai. The exclusive fashion section presents you the best fashion brands in the market, making it an ideal mall for fashion lovers. It is not only the numbers of over 1200 shops that make this mall a popular tourist spot for visitors, but it is also home to the Indoor Dubai Aquarium, an antique Souk, cinemas, Kidzania and more.

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Mall of the Emirates (MOE) has over 600 stores in its vicinity with the famous Ski Dubai that makes this a fun spot to enjoy winter throughout the entire year. Perceived by Forbes as one of the best shopping centres in Dubai, MOE is an extraordinary goal for families with the Magic Planet being a noteworthy fascination for the little ones.


The single-story shopping centre that is named after a renowned traveller Ibn Battuta is found near Discovery Gardens and Jebel Ali Village designed and looked after by Nakheel Properties. This Dubai shopping centre is known for its one of a kind engineering. It is partitioned into six courts from “the travel of the eponymous explorer”: China, Persia, Egypt, India, Tunisia and Andulasia.


If you are living in the fabulous properties, then your presence is accompanied by the Dubai Mariana Mall with a continuous stream of events and activities, a great lineup of high-end brands and some ravishing waterfront dining facilities, which quickly makes his way to the top list of best shopping malls in Dubai.


Mercato is translated as ‘advertise’ in Italian. A most unusual and most dazzling shopping centre in Dubai, with ravishing renaissance style, this shopping centre is designed explicitly for shopping centre trawls with a prominent choice of stores. If you are coming along with your kids the Fun City is always there and provides you with great options for dining like Shake Shack, and more. The pet lovers can found themselves delighted by visiting an animal shop located in the basement of the Mall.

If you’re visiting or planning to live in Dubai is exciting, and having these malls in mind would surely make your stay in Dubai a more fantastic experience.

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