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How to Save Money as an Expat in Dubai

Save money and track your finances in Dubai

Living in Dubai is more expensive than living in other emirates. Workers in Dubai are typically having a hard time when it comes to saving money and supervising their expenses. Of course, you’ll have to allocate money that would be sent to your relatives in your hometown. However, you also have to set a budget for the expenses you need to pay while you stay in Dubai.

Dubai is a tax-free income city; however, the daily expenses on Dubai are expensive, and it would require you to practice penny-pinching. That’s why we provided you a list of ways on how to save money on Dubai.

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How to Save Money as an Expat in Dubai

  • Make use of groupons

Groupon is a common thing in Dubai, and using groupons can help you find amazing discounts on several websites.

  • Turn off appliances

If you’re not using any appliances, it’s ideal for you to switch them off. Unplugging them can also save you money from standby usage.

  • Use energy-saving light bulbs
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Having this light bulbs can save you some money on your electric bill, and you’ll also be eco-friendly.

  • Wash clothes at 30-40 degrees

Setting your laundry temperature between 30 and 40 degrees Celcius can help you save energy. You should also consider having a full load everytime you do your laundry.

Wash your laundry at the right temperature.
  • Minimize the usage of appliances

According to the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), the charges of electricity are much higher between 12 pm to 6 pm daily.

  • Purchasing petrol

The best time to buy gasoline are mornings, late afternoons and evenings. These are the times when the weather in the UAE is cooler. The hotter the weather is, the denser the petroleum will be that would cause you to use excessive petrol.

Saving petrol, can help you save money.
  • Turn off your car engine

If you’re waiting for someone in a car, you should consider turning off your car engine. Doing so can help you save petrol and money.

  • Drive safely and steadily

Driving too fast can waste a lot of petrol, and could also risk you from possible dangers. The best way to save gasoline and ensure your safety is to drive steadily at a constant speed.

  • Make a grocery list

Having a list can help you choose the items you need and avoid buying unnecessary items.

Preparing a list can help you focus on choosing items you need.
  • Make use of small carts or baskets

If you are on the grocery, it is a wise decision to choose a smaller cart or basket. This can help you avoid buying things that are not on your list. The bigger your cart is, the more tempted you’ll place more items.

  • Look at bottom shelves

Cheaper and affordable items are commonly found on the bottom shelves at groceries. Expensive and branded items are frequently placed on higher shelves so customers can easily see them.

  • Review your receipt

By doing so, you can see if there are any errors or mistakes on your total amount which you could report at the grocery’s customer service.

These are some ways that can help you save money from your expenses while you are in Dubai. Having a lot of savings means that you’ll have more money that you can set aside for yourself in the future or send back to your family.

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