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Dubai Safety: How to File a Report on Violence & Abuse Online

Step-by-step guide on how to file a proper report regarding violence & abuse online in Dubai, UAE.

Bullying has become a spate of cruelty and extreme distress that has only increased in scope and power with the arrival of the internet. It is so popular that one in three teenagers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a subject to online abuse or some form of harassment.

Research has found out that around 20 percent of 883 UAE respondents suffered from online harassment and violence once in their lives. In addition to that, the Dubai Police records also had a 44 percent increase in online abuse cases in 2018 alone. Usually, online abuse and violence occur on social networking sites, chat rooms, messaging apps, and emails.

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Process on How to File a Report Regarding Abuse & Violence Online in Dubai, UAE


It is essential to remember that online abuse and violence have a seriously intimidating, threatening, bothering or humiliating effect on a person since it can hurt them psychologically, socially, or even physically. Here are ways on how you can report online abuse and violence in Dubai, UAE.

1.       Go To The Dubai Police

In Dubai, individuals can report cases of abuse and violence by going to the closest police headquarters or by contacting them through their emergency hotlines. People who want to report non-emergency incidents are advised to call 901 while the numbers 999 and 800-4888 will cater to individuals who need an ambulance or wish to say a crime case.

Just recently, the Dubai Police has also strengthened its fight for violence and abuse by making an online form available for everyone. The online form enables concerned persons and victims to submit information, and in response, the police will contact them for more details to start an investigation.

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2.       Fill Out Online Form By The Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of Interior’s Child Protection Center empowers individuals to report cases of individuals under 18-years old who violate any cyber law by the UAE government. Individuals must fill out their names, Emirates, mobile number, email address, and details of the abuse on the form to contact the Ministry of Interior.

3.       Call The Child Abuse Hotline

Kids and teenagers alike are encouraged to call the UAE Child Abuse hotline if they have been violated or hurt by something that happened online. Everyone can report an incident of suspected child abuse and neglect by giving the UAE Child Abuse Department a call at 116111.

The online community is a massive backyard with a population of more than three billion individuals. If you hear about a case of online violence or abuse, do not hesitate to contact the authorities. Send a message to your loved ones, reach for that phone or even post a status on social networks. In short, you have to do whatever it takes to get help from someone.

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