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How to Behave in Public in UAE

Proper etiquettes and practices in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is an excellent example of a modern country that embraces worldwide tourists and workers on its grounds. Emiratis and locals are known for their kindness, hospitality and welcome all visitors so that they could enjoy their stay on any Emirates.

Despite that, all tourists and workers are required to follow all the proper and necessary etiquette while they are in the UAE. It is crucial for you to consider and understand all the factors concerning attitude and etiquette, failing to do so can lead to serious troubles. Here’s a list of proper etiquette and practices in the UAE.

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Social Etiquette Guide in UAE


Kissing and hugging in any public place in the UAE is illegal. However, holding hands are legal and can be done on any location.

Unnecessary noises and gestures

Saying vulgar words, making noise on events and ceremonies, indecent gestures and being ill-mannered in the UAE can land you in severe trouble and worse deportation.

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Alcohol consumption

An alcohol license is a thing in the UAE, and drinking without any license is a grave offense on the UAE and can land you in jail. Authorities can also arrest passengers if they are under the influence of alcohol.

Food and drinks

If a host is sharing a meal with you, it is normal to accept the food and beverages before talking about business or other personal issues. On the other hand, before eating your food, it is a courteous act for you to offer food. Sharing meals in the UAE is an act of expressing friendship and love in the country.


If you are invited to any public gatherings such as Majlis, it is required to remove your shoes before entering the place.

Dress code

If you are in the UAE, it is essential for you to wear proper clothes, especially in public places like parks. You should not expose any body parts, skin or showing disrespectful photos. Foreign women in the UAE are not required to wear hijab or any traditional Muslim clothing. However, if you’re visiting a mosque or other religious places, women would be asked to wear traditional clothes. Posing nude is also illegal in the UAE.


Taking photos of some government infrastructure and military facilities are illegal. You should also ask other’s permission when taking a picture of them.

These are some of the proper etiquettes you should follow and practice while you stay in the UAE. Doing so can help you avoid legal troubles on local authorities. Practicing these etiquettes can also be a way for you to show respect on the Islamic values and residents.

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