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Do NOT Bring these Banned Items in the UAE

A list of prohibited items in the UAE

If you’re planning to work or visit the UAE in the future, or you have family and friends that would visit, then it is crucial for you to know what items are prohibited and illegal to carry around the United Arab Emirates. Having an unlawful object in possession can lead to several problems such as expensive fines, jail time, or worse deportation.

That’s why we provided you with a list of items that are prohibited and illegal to bring that can help you avoid encountering such problems while you’re staying in the UAE. So before planning to visit, make sure that you’re not carrying items that are on this list.

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Things You Should Not Bring When You Visit the UAE

banned items in the UAE

  • Pornographic videos, pictures, or materials that contain any form of nudity.
  • Cocaine, marijuana, heroin, or any kind of narcotic drugs.
  • Fertilizers
  • Unauthorized weapons and ammunition
  • Animal species that are considered on the verge of extinction.
  • Any communication devices that aren’t authorized for use in the UAE.
  • Items, sculptures, or other religious materials that are Non-Islamic.
  • Any form of gambling tools and equipment.

Additional Reminders:

  • If visitors and tourists have exceeded a total value of Dh100,000, they are required to disclose all their items such as cash, accessories, jewellery and cheques. However, visitors who are under 18 are not authorized to enter the UAE if they have more than Dh100,000 on hand.
  • All kinds of liquid substances should be placed on plastic bags that are resealable, transparent and has a maximum capacity of 1-litre.
  • Visitors and tourists that are not Muslim are authorized to purchase alcohol and cigarettes without a license.
  • Any forms of medicine and baby food must be placed on your checked-in luggage. But, if you need to consume your medication on your flight, it is wise for you to bring all the necessary documents like medical certificate.
  • The guidelines of the UAE’s Ministry of Health requires tourists and visitor not to bring more than three months supply of medicine. Also, make sure that your medication doesn’t contain any prohibited substances in the UAE.

These are some among many items that are strictly prohibited from carrying around the UAE. Furthermore, it is important for you to consider checking the UAE government’s website before visiting to see an updated list of items that are illegal.

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