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Driving Tips: Saving Money on Petrol in Dubai

Save money on buying petroleum when you drive in Dubai.

The inevitable changes and increases in the cost of living in Dubai are causing many problems for its residents. Few months have passed since the Ministry of Energy announced that there would be a price hike on petroleum. The increase of fuel price has caused several residents to take local transportation instead of using a car, which is less convenient for some.

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Yes, it is possible to save money on Dubai by following specific tips and being practical when it comes to purchasing goods and everyday essentials. That’s why we provided you with a list of helpful tips on how to save money when it comes to filling up your car.

driving in Dubai

Saving Money on Petroleum in Dubai

Follow these tips accordingly to help you save money on gas / petrol. After all, car owners should always find ways to avoid spending on this part of our expenses.

  • Fill up your car on mornings or late afternoons or evenings.

The best time to buy gasoline are mornings, late afternoons and evenings. These are the times when the weather in the UAE is cooler. The hotter the weather is, the denser the petroleum will be that would cause you to use excessive petrol.

  • Accelerate and drive your car steadily.

Driving too fast can waste a lot of petrol, and could also risk you from possible dangers. The best way to save gasoline and ensure your safety is to drive steadily at a constant speed.

driving in Dubai
Drive steadily in Dubai
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  • Don’t hit the brakes too hard.

If you’re stuck in traffic, it’s wise for you to maintain some distance between you and the car in front. Getting too close on a car in front of you can increase the risks of accidents, and it would be a way for you to hit the brakes too hard that can consume more fuel.

  • Don’t leave your car idle.

It is not necessary to warm up your car for more than 30 seconds, because the typical weather in Dubai is hot. If you’re warming your engine for too long, then your car would eat more fuel.

  • Don’t turn on your air-conditioning when it’s cold outside.

The winter season on Dubai starts in October and ends on March. During this season, it’s important for you to consider turning off your car’s air-condition since the weather outside is more comfortable and more refreshing. Doing so is also beneficial for you since you have the chance to inhale some fresh air.

  • Turn off your car engine when not driving.

If you’re waiting for someone in a car, you should consider turning off your car engine. Doing so can help you save petrol and money.

Car parking in Dubai
Turn off your car when waiting
  • Minimise storing heavy items

Having heavy loads on your car can cause you to spend more fuel when driving. If you have items or stuff on your car that you won’t use, you should remove it from your vehicle to save space and fuel at the same time.

  • Use other methods of transportation.

Since Dubai has continued expanding and modernising it’s transportation systems, which includes all trains, buses, taxis, etc., it is ideal for you to take advantage of other modes of transportation. By doing so, you can minimise using and buying petroleum for your vehicle.

Metro in Dubai
Use metros, buses, taxis, or other methods of transportation in Dubai

The rising costs of fuel can cause problems in your daily life, but these tips would surely help you avoid spending too much money on petroleum in Dubai. As you have gotten your driving license and you’ve finally purchased a car, always keep in mind how you can save money.

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