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5 Traditional Practices in UAE

If you are visiting the UAE for the first time, it is essential to know about the traditions of the country. It is crucial that you know about the general practices of that country. Middle Eastern culture differs significantly from western civilisation.

Even though the UAE is relatively modern, but the traditions need to be followed everywhere. Here, we discuss things you should keep in mind when you are visiting the UAE

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Traditions and Practices in the UAE

1. The month of Ramadan
If you are visiting the UAE in the month of Ramadan, take extra care to not eat or drink in public. This is the holy fasting month for the citizens of the UAE where they eat nothing throughout the day. It is out of respect you should not eat or drink anything in front. This is also forbidden by the law.

Respect the Ramadan practices

2. Pay attention to body language

While you are in the UAE, the little things like body language matter a lot while communicating with the local people. There are several things you can observe and follow when you are in the country. Few of the items are–never offer food to the friends with the left hand, when someone enters the room; it is polite to stand up. The most important is that public display of affection is against the law and is illegal.

3. Decent Clothing

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It is essential to take care of not wearing provocative clothes when you are in the UAE. There are specific rules to be followed regarding clothing. Know that you wear decent clothes when you are out in public. The men are not supposed to wear the Emirati national dress if they are not the citizens of the UAE.

Practice decent and proper clothing in the UAE

4. Behaviour in Public

Certain things should be kept in mind when you are in public places in the UAE. Drinking is an offence, and local people do not drink alcohol at all. So, it is essential to respect their tradition. Also, taking pictures of the UAE military, police and women is forbidden by the law. It is very disrespectful if you try to take a picture of a woman in the country to avoid that.

5. Visiting the house of a local person

The UAE people are great hosts. If you ever visit the home of a local UAE person, he will be thrilled and serve you coffee on your visit. It is polite to accept the coffee and once you are full move, the cup from one side to another to show that you are full. Also, take off the shoes before entering the house of a local person.

If you take note of the points mentioned above, the visit to the UAE will become the most enriching experience of your life.

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