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What if You Resign from Your Work in the UAE?

Things you should be prepared of when you resign from your job in the UAE.

Some questions always arise in everyone’s mind who are planning to quit their job in UAE. These questions include; what should be the notice period to the employer before leaving the job? Would there be any charges for cancellation of visa and other types of fees that are going to cost you during this process? We are going to answer these questions which will surely help you to go through the process of leaving the job quickly.

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One should always keep in mind that every country has its own Labour law which ensures the rights of employees and employers. In this article we will try to cover the following topics as mentioned below;

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Things You Should Know if you Plan to Quit Your Job or Terminate your Employment Contract

  • Purpose of Resignation

In case of leaving your current job, there are two possibilities; one is the termination from the service and other is the designation given to employer willingly by the employee due to a specific reason. In both of these cases, the employer is bound to clear your dues payable as per the terms and conditions of the service agreement. If there is any type of unfair dismissal done by the employer, then in this scenario he is bound by the Labour law that he will give you extra money. On the other hand, if your termination is being made according to terms and conditions in job agreement you can only receive the outstanding dues from the employer.

  • Period of Notice

The day you submit your resignation letter your time starts. If the period of notice is not specified in the terms and conditions of your services agreement, then you cannot work beyond three months as stated in the UAE Law of Labour.

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  • Experience Certificate

Upon the submission of the notice period, UAE Law of Labor bound the employer to provide the experience certificate including all the details like; date of enrollment, date of resignation and the post on which you were working, name etc.

  • Concern Regarding your Passport

Even the UAE Law of Labour declares it illegal if the employer keeps your passport. However, employees are forced to hand over their passports as security. But you are only bound to handover your passport during the process of renewal or cancellation of your visa.

  • Cancellation Charges of Visa

In either case of resignation or termination of service agreement, the employer is bound to provide you return ticket to your home. All the costs of sponsorship of visa have to be paid by the employer. Furthermore, if you are likely to join your new job after the end of service, then it is the responsibility of your new employer to send you the air tickets, states Article no. 131 UAE Law of Labour

  • Gratuity

Regardless the period of your service in UAE you are eligible to get the gratuity at the end of your service agreement.

During your service in UAE, you will face the resignation or termination eventually. But you should know your rights as stated by UAE law of labour to avoid any illegal activity if you encounter any, report it to the concerned authorities immediately.

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