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Emirates ID: How to Apply, Benefits, and Renewal Process

List of benefits and a step-by-step guide on how to apply, renew and protect your Emirates ID (UAE residence ID).

The Emirates ID card is compulsory for anyone whether you are a permanent resident or an expat. So long as you are residing in the UAE, you need to have this ID as part of your identification that you can legally live (and work) in the United Arab Emirates. This is a method by the government to keep track of your activities and health in check. Here we are about to present you the details on how you can apply and renew the ID card, protect your ID card and the benefits associated with it.

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There are numerous other benefits associated with the ID card. It’s quite  powerful ID as it contains a chip where your personal and contact details are stored. It can be even used via Smart ID gates as you enter or leave immigration in Dubai airports (yes, no need to face an immigration officer, just have the smart ID gate scan your Emirates ID).

In fact, if you apply for Etisalat services (a major telecom provider), you only need to present your ID and the staff will be able to pull up the rest of your details there.

Again, the emirates ID is a requirement mandated by the government and is part of the things you will need to accomplish especially if you come to Dubai and work.

emirates id
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Applying for an Emirates Card (UAE Residence ID)

The card has the name, photo, address, date of birth and the fingerprints. To create an ID, you need an Entry permit or the Visit visa along with passport and about Dh300. The procedure is given:

  1. Download the document from the website and complete the registration form document.
  2. Pay the fee and submit your application at the EIDA
  3. The concerned person there will take your picture and the fingerprints.
  4. Your request will be completed by with the form with stamp and certification by EIDA.
  5. You will need to go for a medical checkup afterwards and submit the application.
  6. Once your ID is approved, you will get a confirmation SMS, and then you can collect the card from the Emirates Post Office.
emirates id back part
emirates id back part

Renewing for an Emirates Card

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Once your ID card is about to be expired, the government will send you an SMS to remind you to renew your ID card. You can either visit a typing centre or get the instructions directly from the website. Follow the below-given steps to replace your ID card:

1. First, you need to submit your application. When applying, pay the fee in full. Refresh your biometric information and then go for the appointment. You also need to visit the Preventative Medical centre, and you don’t need an appointment for that.

2. Next, you have to go to the Registration Center. You are supposed to submit the required documents and certificates at the centre. You can collect the new ID from there when all the formalities are complete.

3. Following is the list of materials you will need for the whole procedure:

  • Expired card
  • Application Form
  • Family book
  • Passport
  • Residency proof

4. If there are children in your family are under 15 years of age then they can skip the biometric data, and a picture of them could be submitted along with their documents.

5. You will get the renewed ID card within ten days of applying for it at the centre.

Protecting an Emirates Card

In the UAE, identity theft is a big crime. It means when a person tries to use the personal data and identity of another person without the authorisation. This is mostly done for frauds. But if you have an activated ID card with the pin and fingerprints match, it is difficult for the cons to access your card because they would have to go through the three-factor authentication mentioned below:

  1. The first-factor authentication is your Emirate ID card. Yes, this identity card is your identity in the UAE.
  2. The second-factor authentication is the PIN. You are urged to change the PIN frequently so that no one will know and use your ID card. If the PIN is entered wrongly three times, then the card blocks itself. Visit the centre to get it working again. If some con can by chance enter the right PIN then also you don’t have to worry about it because the third factor of authentication is something only you can access for your ID card.
  3. The third factor of authentication is your fingerprints. Unless the fingerprints match on the prints associated with the card, no one will access the ID card.

It is essential to keep your ID card protected. There is very less chance that someone could go through the whole process and access your card, but if they do, then it might be a big problem for you if you don’t report the identity theft as soon as possible to the concerned authorities.

Benefits of an Emirates Card

There are many benefits of the UAE ID card, and some of them are unknown to the common public. Here we bring you the benefits you get when you have the ID card on your name.

1. Bank Identification
The ID card has a personal data keeping chip, and this is used by the banks to recognise you. This chip holds your banking activities and thus makes it easier for the banks to know and keep track of your actions. This way any fraud can be avoided when you are using the ID card.

2. Health Insurance
When you have the Emirates ID card with you, you gain access to medical health insurance in the UAE. You can go to any medical shop and show your ID card and take the medicines from the shop. This comes in handy when you suffer from something that needs your attention.

3. Health care services providence
The health care system in the UAE is advanced and readily available whenever there is an urgent need, and when you have an ID card with yourself, you can get a check-up, tests, treatments and what not. Since the ID card recognises you as a citizen or an expat, it becomes easier for you to gain access to the medical facilities. The medical team can gain access to your previous medical history easily too.

4. Easy Travelling
You can use your ID card to use the service of E-gateway to pass through the check ins and check outs which usually keeps the other travellers waiting for a long time.

5. Pay for petrol pumps
When you have an activated ADNOC quick service on your ID card, then you need not to pay by cash or credit at the petrol stations. Just bring out your ID card and pay easily.

Here is an extensive guide on your Emirates ID card. For more information, you can directly go check out the website. Get the ID card and keep it updated for your benefits.

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